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Our Story


My name is Tara and I am the creator and designer of Faith Mats. When Faith Mats was created, I knew I wanted to honour God with my business as well as solve some of the problems I had with my existing exercise mat. As a mom of three young girls, you can imagine most of my post-baby workouts involved a mat. I got so tired of sticking to my mat once I started perspiring, smelling plastic chemicals when lying face down, or having my edges curling up on me. It made me dread floor exercises. That's when Faith Mats was born.

Faith Mats are not like conventional mats. The absorbent suede microfibre top layer feels soft and luxurious. No more sticking to your mats. But when you want to stick to your mat, the grip on your hands and feet actually increases the more you sweat. The base of the mat is made from a rubber tree and is PVC, silicone and phthalate free. So no more stinky odour. Plus, the mat is heavy duty so it lays flat. Every time! Best of all, the mat is machine washable. 

I am confident that Faith Mats will change your fitness routine. Take it to class with you and boldly proclaim your faith.